Covered in Colors

My first couple of days back in Cape Town I lived very healthy: 

  • I’ve been enjoying the great weather (and also thought I was tanned enough that I wouldn’t burn my first days, which I did….)
  • I ate some healthy sushi (inclusive some nice crunchy deep fried pieces with mayo on it…)
  • Had a great glass of wine, with a piece of Lindt chocolate (YUM!) ..
  • And (this IS actually good): Did some running!

I already heard about the Color Run when I was still on Holland. It’s this “Happiest 5K on the planet” where you mainly run around, jump a little and get covered in colors (Check out The Color Run website to see what it’s about). The one moment you’re green, then you’re blue, red, pink or yellow! It’s kinda like the Holi One Festival of Colours  – It’s all about having fun and being happy!

So, when I got to South Africa and saw Cape Town also had a Color Run coming up, I decided to join!
Color Powder

As you can see I’m ready to do this: wearing my white half cut up T-shirt that I got the day before when I signed in, a pack of red powder ready to throw at people and a lot of energy to run (correction: WHY would they start this fun run at 08:00 on a saturday morning?!).
The fact that we were actually late to the run didn’t matter (we already walked a couple kilometers from the car), since it was so busy they couldn’t let everyone start at the same time. The starting ritual was a bit like this: “ARE YOU READY TO RUN?!!!! YES?!!! OKAY THERE WE GO: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……. GO”!!!!! And then everyone threw some colors in the air, screamed, and moved 2 steps forward closer to the start. It looked like this:
As we got a little closer to the start, it looked more like this:
Color Run
My first run in Cape Town since I got back – along the Sea Point Promenade. Still one of the nicest places to run: great views, flat (It almost feels like Holland), and you can smell the sea while you run! So, every KM there was a different color station with people wearing diving gear on their face ready to throw color powder at you:
Color Run
Believe me, whether you want it or not (and everybody does… or you won’t do the color run): they will get you! While shaking the yellow of us, we got to the blue station:
Color Run
Gorgeous right!! Blue powder, clear blue skies… What a beautiful day! And then, when you think it can’t get better – they throw a little party at the finish!
Color Run Party
By this time it was latest about 10:00 in the morning – can you believe it? Great way to start the day happy!
Covered in Colors
I have to say: this was a lot of fun! Also: all the colors washed out quite easy! When we got home I jumped in the pool to cool off a little! So: first thing I decided is to do loads of fun sporting activities – whether it’s running (there’s actually another colour run going on the 26th: Colour me crazy! – for other runs coming up in SA check out Running events), hiking, riding ostriches (been there, done that ;)) surfing, wine-tasting (it’s a sport if you want it to be :P) walking, cycling or whatever else I can think of.
Upcoming weekend I’m actually going camping and discover the Cederberg mountains. Will update on that next week some time! Wish you a happy week!!
Sea Point Promenade



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