Hi there! Great to see you want to discover Cape Town! 

My first meeting with the beautiful city of Cape Town was almost 3 years ago. Of course, I loved it from the start! I did all the touristy stuff, partied a lot & got as much sunshine as I could! After these first 8 months, I made sure the next year I came back again for a second time – and guess what, a few months after that I came back again for the third time  – now for an uncertain amount of time.I’d like to think of myself of becoming a local now – Cape Town started to feel like my second home. I see and do different things than I used to. I mostly hang out with people from here and get to know their lifestyle here. I love discovering a new way of living in Cape Town – not just as a tourist anymore.So this one’s for people all over the world that are discovering (or wanting to discover) the great city of Cape Town, like me. While I’m getting to know the city better – I’ll show you more of the city too! Hope it will bring us to the most amazing places and the prettiest secrets Cape Town has. Can’t wait!

A little taste of one of the most beautiful views of Cape Town:Image

Photo by Herman Jordaan 2013

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