Did someone say sundowners?

“A place like this reminds you why you love Cape Town..

Of course there is the parties, the great places to do outdoor sports, the art and so much more… But there isn’t a lot that’s better than this: seeing the sun go down in the sea while the whole world around you changes color.”

Even when you close you’re eyes, it is nice knowing that when you open them you’ll see something that will make you feel special inside. I know it sounds a bit gay, but hey, thats how I felt. You know when you look around and you don’t have to think about anything except for: “Hm, I wonder if I can maybe see whales from here”  (I couldn’t) or “I’m so happy all I have to now is sit here and chill and not hike this mountain I’m looking at”..

I simply LOVE watching sunsets. It never gets boring. And the sunsets in Cape Town, are definitely un-fucking BELIEVABLE.  UNBELIEVABLE that is..

I’ll give you a little taste of this awesome spot my friend Sarah told me about (check out her blog about Cape Town’s nightlife here). She’s been living in Cape Town for a couple of years now and told me this a must-go spot. She was so right! Check this:

©2013 Herman Jordaan

©2013 Herman Jordaan

AMAZING, am I right?! One more then:

©2013 Herman Jordaan

©2013 Herman Jordaan

There I am, all in my enjoying-the-sunset and thinking-about-life mindset. I neeeed to go back here again, and again, and again. These kind of spots are just awesome. It would make it even better if you had an awesome cold wine or beer to drink at one of the boulders (needless to say, don’t leave empty bottles or anything else there!).

In this case, we just rushed to get here super quick after dinner – unprepared for ultimate chilling. I have to say – even without an actual sundowner, I had a great time enjoying a ‘sundowner’ at this spot. Sorry for the bad attempt of making a word joke. What I meant is of course – I loved seeing the sun go down in the sea, and that’s all you need to forget about the whole world around you and just be in the moment!

Update: I went to this place again – to show my family how beautiful it is and snapped some more pictures (Iphone quality) to show you the vibe even better! This is how it looks when it’s still a little lighter (also check out Lions head in the background in the second pic):

Rocks Lions HeadAnd these two are of me with my mum and my sister… a little later again, when the sun is starting to set:


Gotta love this!!

To get to this you-don’t-want-to-miss-out-on-spot: Find directions here




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