A First Thursdays walk around the City

Cape Town’s Central City coming alive at night!

A night that you can walk around in Cape Town’s central city after sunset and enjoy art, music and design.

First Thursdays! I have to admit, I was a first thursday virgin until last week. For some reason I just never managed to go there, until now!

Pretty curious what it was about, we drove to Greenmarket Square to check out City All Sessions : MUSIC! Good way to start the night. Although I actually started it with a big yummy Cappuccino.

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

This definitely put a smile on my face! Fun, dancing, music, all cool people in good moods – great atmosphere! Thanks ‘Native Groove Collective’!

So – now I wanted to see what the rest of this special night was all about. Amazing art? Cool Designs?

Starting with our little walk we found a couple of cool spots and a couple of places that looked amazing but were not really my thing. I mean – I love to see art and creative things and different people coming together, in a chill way. However, some places I felt where a bit more about being seen than about the actual art.

The AVA Gallery was not one of them. It had a lot of space – cool stuff and a little room where you could apparently just pour yourself a glass of wine. Since I’m a first timer, I wasn’t actually sure if this was the way to go – so I didn’t wanna be seen as the person that goes in the back and just randomly pours wine for herself :).

First Thursdays

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

Cool gallery. Lot’s of space and clean look.

Personally, I also like small places,  cool people and an intimate atmosphere. That’s how I would like to decorate my house – just collect all cool stuff from different cultures and different times in my life and give it a special place. I find it important that a place feels good.

Walking around outside at night was already something that gave me a special feeling – I love it that it’s busy outside! For me, as a European, that is way more normal than it is here in South Africa. This night everyone was walking around the city centre, laughing, going in shops and galleries and have some wine. Together with the nice feeling of a warm summer night this made an interesting night for me.

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

P.s. The hottest cocktails in Cape Town you find in ‘Merchants on Long’ (the Shebeen). And by hottest I mean – watery eyes and burned lips! On top of their cocktails – I also just loved their fairy lights in the bar. I want fairy lights too!

More info on First Thursdays Cape Town, including upcoming events, participating galleries/shops/cafe’s and a map to find them – you can check out here.

Don’t forget to check it out! The next one is on the 5th of December!




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