Sunday Morning Brekkie at Starlings Cafe

Sunday morning. For me, this is usually a morning to sleep in a little and just relax!

I have never really been a morning person.. I usually get more awake later in the day.  However, for some reason I seem to become more of a morning person lately. Apparently one of the things that helps you is having a great breakfast (I know, surprise!).

Breakfast is even more delicious when you feel you really deserved it. This sunday, we hiked up Lions Head early in the morning. Needless to say, I was so happy when I had a proper breakfast after this!

Luckily, Cape Town has loads of cool breakfast places. One of these places not too far from where I live is Starlings Cafe in Claremont (Southern Suburbs). Starlings is a super cute little cafe mostly known by locals. Admittedly, I had some trouble finding it – you have to know it is there, to find it! Driving through Belvedere Road, you see a green hedge on the side of the road with a small opening (at Number 94): That’s where it is!

Starlings Cafe

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

Starlings Cappucino Heart

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

Cappucinooooo! We were definitely happy with some well needed caffeine! And then breakfast was served….

French Toast with Bacon for me,

French Toast with bacon

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

& some scrambled eggs with toast and rocket for Herman.

Delicious Breakfast

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

Best breakfast you can have to recharge!! I felt like I was totally ready for the sunday after this – and I’m not even a big Bacon fan!

Except for getting recharged and jumpy after the coffee and food, I also just enjoyed being there. Back to my normal Sunday – relaxing and waking up easy. It felt like it was sunday morning for the second time that day – in a good way 🙂

To give you a glimpse of how the place itself looks – check the pretty garden:

Pretty Green Garden

© 2013 Herman Jordaan

Next time – when it’s a little sunnier I’ll definitely try and enjoy the garden a little more.

I love discovering places like this! Talking to people, getting to know their favorites.. Definitely the best way to get to know a place better. I feel like I’m experiencing the Cape Town vibe more and more and I love it! Getting excited to see even more!

Happy Monday!




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