One of the Nicest Places to Run in Cape Town: Rondebosch Common

As much as I’m tempted to just relax at the pool, go to the beach or have a lovely braai & some drinks with friends.. I definitely try to save some time to be active!

One of the things I’ve been doing since I was small is running. I had times that I ran 3-5 a week but also times that I couldn’t remember the last time I was wearing running shoes.

Here in Cape Town, there’s loads of cool places to do trail running (more on that another time). It’s very awesome and you definitely can’t say you don’t feel anything afterwards. However, being from Holland I’m used to flat roads to run on. So whenever I don’t feel like a huge workout, I go road running at Rondebosch Common!

Rondebosch Common Sign

© 2014 Herman Jordaan

Usually I try to go in the morning or late afternoon, but sometimes I find myself running around in 30 degrees in the sun as well (not the nicest thing to do). Around 6/7-ish it is generally quite busy as well. People are cycling, speed walking and running around the common.

Rondebosch Common

© 2014 Herman Jordaan

One round around the common is about 2.6 KM, but you can of course decide to go around multiple times. I usually run from my house to the common, around and back – which would be about 4 KM. Quite a nice and quick run!


© 2014 Herman Jordaan

The other night I was running the weather was actually quite horrible. As you can see it looks super dark and cloudy, and it isn’t even after 8 yet. I have to see it was still quite busy and the temperature was very nice to run in. On the one side of the common you have these cool rocks you can jump from – creating the illusion you’re going super fast and you can fly, yay!

Rondebosch Common

© 2014 Herman Jordaan

I love that I’m able to see the mountain from every side you run on when you go around the common. As you can see this picture was taken on another night – when the weather was perfectly fine!

I’m very happy there’s a cool place like this to do some quick workouts – it’s perfect if you for example want to improve your speed and want to know exactly how far you’re running. I also like doing a bit of interval training here.

If you haven’t been her yet, it’s definitely worth a visit. To me it feels a bit like the sea point promenade, but then in the Southern Suburbs and the mountain to look at instead of the sea. It’s a very popular and easy run to do.

If you don’t want to run by yourself, check out Celtic Harriers running club – they organize 2,5 and 5 KM time trials at the common. If you’re more interested in running different routes twice a week,  it might be fun to join Obs Running Club – they run wednesdays and friday from the War Memorial in Observatory.

If just running isn’t enough for you, check out  Run Cape Town, where you can run and do some sightseeing at the same time!

Wherever you decide to go running, enjoy it!




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