The Perfect Thing to do on a Cloudy Day: Hiking & Caving in Kalk Bay

Usually I’m quite happy with a lovely day filled with sunshine, but this time I was very pleased to see some clouds in the air.

There’s only one way you can hike and kinda sleep in at the same time: the weather has to suck. With that I mean, it has to be at least a little cloudy or a little windy. We we’re lucky: we woke up and saw it was overcast. Yes! Time to hike!

This is a special hike I wanted to do, since I actually wanted to do a bit of caving. Today I decided to hike up to ‘Boomslang Cave’. It’s super easy to get to with public transport too if you’d want to. We took the train to Kalk Bay station and enjoyed some pretty views out of the window on the way! Check it out:

View from the train

Awesome right? It almost feels as if you’re flying over the ocean, you can almost touch the waves!

So that’s the easy part: Go to Kalk Bay. From there, you pretty much just walk up from where the train station is. You walk up until Boyes Drive, where you will find the sign for Echo Valley:

Echo Valley Sign

Then the hiking starts! After already hiking up the steps to get to the start, you’re definitely warmed up already!

I was a bit confused first which signs to follow, cause I heard ‘just follow the Boomslang Cave’ signs. However, you only see the sign to Boomslang cave later, after you’ve seen other signs with ‘Jojolu Track’ and ‘Amphitheatre’ & ‘Echo Valley Forest’. When you see those signs, just follow the ‘Amphitheatre’ & ‘Echo Valley Forest’ direction until you get to the next signs, showing ‘Boomslang Cave’.


To be clear, when you see the above sign you turn left, upwards towards ‘Boomslang Cave’! Then, after a bit of hiking (it must have taken us an hour or so on a normal tempo) you get to this sign:

Boomslang Cave sign

Don’t be confused though! This is not the cave where you are supposed to go in! I looked everywhere… and really didn’t see a good entrance. Also, it is pretty much just a rock haha. I read beforehand that ‘Boomslang Cave’ was big and you could hike through it for 10 minutes, sometimes even walking up right. This rock you can just get in and get stuck under.

So, moving on… just go on with your hike and you get to the actual cave: YAY!

It’s probably good to know before where you are supposed to go, so here is a little map (that I wish I had when I went in, not really knowing where to go):

Boomslang Cave Map

As you can see we did it the other way around, starting at the Echo Valley Side which is in this map the Exit. I wish I could show you pictures of the inside, or where you get out, but I decided to leave my camera and bag at the entrance with the other people. I didn’t want to break it and didn’t know how the cave was going to be from within.

It was very cool though! Especially when you get out as well, after 10 minutes you’re pretty relieved you found the exit and you can see the light again. The views over Fish Hoek are amazing as well!

This is where I got in (and out), the Echo Valley Entrance, crawling on hands and knees to enter:

Exit Boomslang Cave

Here’s a pic we took which is similar to what I saw when I got to the outside of the cave, but I walked around another track a bit to get this (following the ‘Jojolu track’). The views from just outside the caves are even more spectacular though!


Very awesome hike and caving! You can look over Kalk Bay on your way up and all over Fish Hoek at the top! It’s a good workout and fun at the same time. If you’re planning on crawling through caves, there’s a few things you should definitely bring:

  • Long pants to not hurt your knees when you’re crawling
  • Light! Either a headlight or a torch, make sure it’s light enough!
  • Hiking shoes
  • Snacks & water (you’re gonna need it!)
  • Friends, makes it more fun and less scary.
  • Courage 🙂 – to not freak out when you hear a bat flying around in the dark.

That’s all. Have fun!!

For more information on Boomslang Cave, as well as other cool caves to visit, check out Caves and Caving in the Cape.




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