The way to get to the Most Beautiful Places in the World Without Spending all your Money!

You just close your eyes and enjoy. That’s all you have to do…

If you love wine, a day of wine-tasting in South Africa can give you the feeling of perfect happiness. Visiting the wine farms in South Africa means you get to some of the most beautiful places in the world. And you don’t even have to be rich!

There’s loads of amazing wine-farms around Cape Town. Just a little drive away you can visit wine Estates in Stellenbosch, Robertson, Paarl, Franschhoek or Constantia.

I wanna dedicate this post to one of the prettiest wine farms I know in Robertson: Springfield Estate. Not only is it very beautiful, the wine is also just delicious!

I’ve been here a few times now and I simply love it. You get there and it is just so relaxing. Just walking towards the tasting room, you already feel at home. Green trees, a view on the mountains and a big dam with a little boat:

Springfield winery

If the beautiful nature around you is not a good enough reason already to visit this place, there is of course the wine!

Springfield WinesYou can taste all their great wines, for free! Warning: it’s so amazing, that you definitely end of buying some of the bottles to enjoy at home. They tell you about their different wines, starting with the white wines and ending with the reds.

Springfield EstateI love both the whites and the reds, but my all time favorite is their Methode Ancienne Chardonnay:

Methode Ancienne

This is a great special-occasion-wine! I remember the first time I bought this bottle here I shared it with my boyfriend the last night we would see each other for a few months.

After discovering this place the first time, I just had to go back again. And again… and again!

Springfield EstateTo visit Springfield; this is where you go:

Kaart tot by Springfield


Springfield is in the city of Robertson, about 2 hours away from Cape Town. Tasting and sales are Mondays to Friday from 0800 to 1700 and Saturdays from 0900 to 1600. Guided tours are offered on requests and by prior arrangement.

Check here for other wineries to visit while in Robertson. To make a suggestion: Rooiberg winery has great affordable wine and is a great place to have breakfast (with champagne!) & at Exelcior Estate you can make your own bottle of wine. And if you’re more in the mood for some specials beers: visit the Saggy Stone Micro Brewery.

Have a great day and if you got excited to visit Robertson, a great weekend in Robertson!



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