Find the Green in GreenPoint!

As a Dutchie, I’m a big fan of parks. We usually treat parks as if they are our backyards.

In Cape Town, I’m pretty sure everybody knows the Kirstenbosch Garden. Rightfully so, they are beautiful and you can just walk there forever, enjoying all the pretty flowers and all the green around you.

Another very nice park, not as well known, is the Green Point Park. I knew of it’s existence before, but for some reason I never actually walked through the whole park. I was positively surprised when I did: Little benches, water and green all around you!

From where you’re walking you also have a great view on the Green Point Stadium:

Stadium from Green Point GardenWalking a bit more into the garden, you have the ‘Biodiversity Tuinen’, beautiful plants and flowers everywhere and signs explaining what everything is.

Path Greenpoint Park


Green point Park

On a sunny day it’s a great place to have a picknick and just relax! Just walking around and enjoying the view is highly recommended as well. One of the things I love about this park is that on the one side of the park you can hear the waves right next to you and listen to the ocean.

Green Point Park

Greenpoint ParkThere’s a play area for kids, lots of water, plants & flowers and even bathrooms. If you’re staying in the Greenpoint area and you want to quickly get to a park without having to go all the way to Kirstenbosch Garden, this is the place to go!

To see where everything is located in the park, check out this map by the City of Cape Town of the Green Point Park:

Greenpoint ParkHave a lovely day and enjoy this great spot!



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