A lekker day trip: Visit the Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty’s Bay

It’s so cute, I just couldn’t resist! Loads of pretty faces to look at while you are walking next to the ocean, enjoying a nice warm breeze in the sunshine.

Just outside Cape Town there’s a penguin colony called Stony Point Penguin Colony. This is one of the three land-based colonies in South Africa.

One of the other ones is  ‘Boulders Beach’ in Simons town, where you can view penguins on the beach. This place is beautiful as well, but most of the time very busy and full of tourists. If you want a place that’s a bit more quiet, the Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty’s Bay is the place to go!

Another advantage of viewing penguins in Betty’s Bay is the views on the way there! You can drive right next to the ocean, with amazing views.

Amazing view I would recommend making a nice day out of it, driving from Cape Town to Hermanus. You pass Betty’s Bay on the way there and finish off in Hermanus, enjoying a nice walk around and delicious seafood!

Back to the penguins, they are just adorable! There’s a sign on the road with a penguin on it, which takes you to the viewing point. There’s a great boardwalk you walk over and the fluffy animals are just everywhere around you.

Penguins Betty's BayPenguins Betty's Bay

If you go in Springtime, you can even spot extra fluffy penguins: babies! This one is even posing for the picture!

Baby PenguinI couldn’t resist asking him and he wanted to go on the picture with me. I was so delighted when he agreed to it! This is the one:

Penguin BabyIt’s just great to see them walk around and swim and play!

Penguins Betty's BayRead more about this place in Betty’s Bay here and see how other people experienced this place! To get even more information, as well as to see how to get there, check this page.

Penguin FaceEnjoy!!





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