Find the Magic and get Enchanted at The Iron Fairies

Being in a new city always makes me excited to go out, explore and find out where the magic happens..

Bangkok was one of the cities I had never visited before. I booked my ticket to Thailand about one week before, so I was definitely way to unprepared. But hey, that usually makes it fun right?

So I had been figuring out where to go this night, you know, spending half of my day looking on Trip Advisor and in my Lonely planet. Then I stumbled upon this place. Why? I don’t know, certain places just attract you and have an atmosphere that makes you really enjoy the place. This is one of those places.

fairy dust

The place itself, it’s pretty dark in a good way. Waitresses walked around with a flashlight already close to them to help customers look at the menu. At the same time you’re pleasantly surprised by a live band playing close to you.

iron fairies

The place itself, has amazing cocktails (quite a big selection involving absinthe, the green fairy)! And if the cocktails make you hungry, they even claim to have the best burgers in Bangkok :)! Except for the great drinks and food, they have the atmosphere. There is even one table you can only find by going through a ‘secret’ doors. And that’s what I like about it. They didn’t put down some chairs and tables and give people some beer and wine, no, it’s a whole experience.


As you can see my obsession, I just loved the little bottles of fairy dust. On my defense, they all all around you :).

So the fairy part is pretty clear. You wanna know why they call it The Iron Fairies? Except for it being magically, it’s totally designed as an ironsmith workshop:


For an impression of what the place looks like or get more info in general, check out their website and Facebook here.

You wanna go visit? This is the address:

 394 Thonglor Road, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok

Just be sure to look on your right, the entrance is quite hard too find! Also, don’t be too late – live music starts at 21:00 and since the place has a capacity of just 55 people, you wanna make sure you have a seat! Enjoy!!



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