Take care of yourself this Winter at the Cold Pressed Juicery

When I first had the ginger shot my throat felt hot and I felt the kinda rush you get when you eat hot chillies..

That’s the first time I had something at this great new place: The Cold Pressed Juicery. It’s a fresh- & raw food restaurant (take-away) and a smoothie & juice bar.

My colleagues had recommended this to me and told me it was just around the corner. In our office I have seen the ginger shot, the Iron man, the sh*t, the reset and many more delicious smoothies and juices passing by..


It’s a small place in a side street of the van Baerlestraat, close to Museumplein. It’s all about eating (and drinking) healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. In the fridge they have all the juices, shots, nice salads and even fresh coconuts! Yum!


For example the ginger shot is good for your immune system, and can help you to not get sick during these cold days and the switching of seasons.. Great right? Other power shots are for example the Aloa Vera shot, which helps you detoxing and improves blood circulation.


Last time I got there I had a smoothie called the ‘Mango Green Protein’, it included kale/ hemp milk/ mango/ dates/ coconut oil/ honey/ spirulina/ Himalayan salt.

Mango Green


The taste really surprised me, the mango and honey made it taste a lot sweeter than I expected, but not too sweet. Very good if you quickly want to get your fix of vegetables and fruit all at once! Check also all the fresh vegetables in the back of the shop in the fridge:

Entry Juicery

Yes, the juices and smoothies are slightly pricy, but if you think about what you get, it’s not so bad and totally worth it! I mean, if you have to get all these fresh vegetables and fruit yourself, you probably pay the same or even more. Also, the food is actually not so pricy at all and looks delicious!


To visit it, go here:

Willemsparkweg 8, 1071 HD, Amsterdam.

If you just wanna know more about them, check out their Website or Facebookpage.



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