Chasing the light at the Amsterdam Light Festival

In the darker winter nights, it’s great to have sparkling lights around you. I absolutely loved all the Christmas lights, but in Amsterdam there is a lot  more of lights to cheer you up this winter.

This year is already the 3rd edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. The theme of this year is ‘A bright city’. I love just walking around the city and see all the lights around me. And it’s not just light, it’s lot of different artworks, lit up in the night. There’s a walking route and a water route: Illuminade & Water Colors.

At the moment, the Illuminade route just finished and the Water Colors are still around until the 18th of January.

One of the popular artworks this year is the ‘House of Cards‘, next to Amsterdam Central Station:

House of Cards

Different cards turn on and off all the time, making it even more of a cool spectacle to watch! When I walked a little bit close I got a nice view on the front of the cards:

House of cards

Another one of the really beautiful artworks this year are the Mirrorings by French Artist Jacques Rival:


The light falls perfectly on the artwork, lighting it up in different colors. The effect with the water underneath is amazing as well, creating a mirror effect (read more about it here).

In lots of the grachten (canals) of Amsterdam there’s artwork around to enjoy. On my walk home I would always pass Arborescence at Herengracht:


Arborescence Herengracht

As it reads on the website of the light festival: “Arborescence is the visualization of an idea, the application of new technological  possibilities in regards to energy use.”

For me, the Amsterdam Light festival is a great way to enjoy art and discover little surprises every day when I walk. There are also lots of boat companies that organize tours to see the festival from the water. For more information about the artwork, news and anything related to the Amsterdam light festival: check their website.

There’s still one week left of the festival! If you haven’t yet, it’s great to check it out. I’m still gonna enjoy as much as I can this year and can’t wait for next year.



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