Step into tulip heaven in Amsterdam

“When it’s spring again I’ll bring for you Tulips from Amsterdam….” If you’re Dutch, you definitely heard this famous song: ‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam‘.

Last Saturday, the 17th of January, was National Tulip day, which means the Dutch tulip season is starting again! To celebrate, everyone could come to Dam Square to pick their own tulips from a special ‘picking garden’!

Tulips Dam

With colors and sunshine everywhere, it could not have been a better day to celebrate! With more than 200,000 tulips, there were enough for everyone to enjoy.

dam square

Before you could get in you received a little bag, in which you could put your personally picked tulips. Because of all the enthusiasm and everybody who came to celebrate, it was insanely busy. This was only a little part of the actual line that went all around Dam Square:

dam square

But hey, we are in Holland and as we all know, Dutch people love free stuff! Just joking, the line was also filled with international people that wanted to get a taste of the famous Dutch flower and have a closer look..

tulip close up

And then you get in….. Tulip heaven for everyone!


Find out more about this annual celebration here.



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