SIPPING & CHEWING: Get cozy with your friends at Café Brecht

When you have one of these nights, all you want to do is relax on your soft couch with a nice drink in your cozy living room…. I think you should reconsider it!

In the center of Amsterdam, close to the very famous Heineken Experience, there is a little café that will make you feel right at home: Café Brecht.

Entrance Cafe Brecht

Cafe Brecht is one of those places that is always busy, but in a good way. It feels like you’re relaxing with all your friends around. Everybody is sitting around: drinking beers, tea, wine and having some nice snacks. Some are playing a game, some are talking about their day and some others are just enjoying the nice and comfy chairs and couches.

Cafe Brecht

These pictures were taken during…. you guessed it, the holiday season! Which doesn’t matter that without the holiday decoration it looks any less cozy. I love the original ornamentation: with the nice paintings, birdcage, books and even a piano. And one of my favorites, the man with the fish bag. I mean, who doesn’t love a man with a bag that looks like a fish?

man with fish bag

Even though I have so much love for the fish bag, one of the main reasons for me coming here is usually to have a drink and relax. Amongst other things (Italian coffee, wine, cake, a hairdresser – yes, from this Wednesday 13:30 on, they will have a hairdresser again!), they have lots of different (German) beers on their menu for you to try out.

Drinks Brecht

I suppose by now you get the idea of why people love this place and why it’s always busy. But hey, no worries, if you don’t come with a group of 20 people, you might be lucky enough to find a nice spot somewhere!

Cafe Brecht

Wanna know where to go? They have a nice map on their website. And if you don’t want to miss any news, of course they have a Facebook page as well.



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