AWARD: Discovering Secrets nominated for the Liebster Award!

Today I’m gonna tell a little story about myself, so you can all get to know me a little better.

Last week I got nominated for the Liebster award by this great girl Lucy who is a fellow blogger ( – Thank you Lucy! The Liebster award is a great way of promoting and discovering new blogs and the bloggers behind them. I am very happy that Lucy thought about me for this!

There are a couple of rules with this award: Ofcourse you thank the person who nominated you (common sense), you answer 11 questions that your nominator asked you, you nominate 11 smaller blogs, you ask them 11 questions you want to know about them and.. you let them know. Easy as that!

So here are my answers to the questions Lucy asked me:

1. If money was no object, where in the world would you travel to first?

If money was no object, I would first go to Antarctica. It’s the continent that is not so easy to visit for a quick trip, or where you usually decide to go for an active holiday. It would be like a dream to visit. A very cold dream that I would have to prepare extensively, but still like a dream :). I can’t imagine how impressive it would be to be there, in the middle of Nature without a lot of people around.

2. What is your favorite film and why?

I enjoy watching arthouse movies. To choose and absolutely favorite is hard for me and depends on my mood. I love Wes Anderson’s movies like the Darjeeling Limited and the Royal Tenenbaums and I also love the Spanish arthouse movies such as Y tu mama tambien. One of the movies that was in the cinema last year I really loved was the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. That was a great feel good movie with great cinematography. Then, not to forget: the classic ‘Into the Wild’. I could watch that movie over and over again and get incredibly happy and sad during the movie. It tells a story that is brave and touching and drags you into the story. So that’s definitely in the top of my most favorite movies.

3. If you could change one decision you have made in your life what would it be?

Maybe the day I chose to have fish at dinner and my friend got a steak that looked way better… Or the time I decided that it was a great idea to run super fast in a race without training and the next day my legs hurt so much I felt like I could barely move..Honestly though, I like to think about how I felt at the moment that I made a certain decision I would maybe not be happy about. That usually makes me realize that if I would be in the same situation again, with the same mindset and feelings.. I would have made the exact same decision again. 

4. What is your favourite cuisine and why?

That’s a difficult one. I love lots of different kinds of food. I like an eclectic mix of flavors and cuisine. The South African cuisine is a lot like that, lots of different kinda foods to enjoy. Then I love the Thai Cuisine for the delicious curries, the Spanish cuisine for the great seafood and the Mexican cuisine for the spicy food. And of course the Indonesian cuisine. I can go on with this list. Not to forget, with the food I like a nice (or great) wine to go with it!

5. What is your ultimate goal for your life and career?

I like to always be busy and learn new things. So in my life I want to keep evolving in that: improve in playing guitar, improve my dancing, learn languages  and specifically always have nice people around me who inspire me to take the best out of my life. Traveling more of the world is definitely part of my ultimate goal for life. Career wise my ultimate goal is similar, I want to keep learning and growing in a field that makes me happy!

6. If you could only have one dream for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A real dream or an asleep dream? If I would be sleeping I would like to dream I’m a fish. And since it’s a dream, it would be nice if nobody would come to eat me. Just relaxing, swimming in the ocean, feeling the warm water around you and looking around in the big world in front of you with all the beautiful colors and other fish-friends. Pretty sure I would wake up with a smile on my face every morning!

7. What do you think makes a person successful?

I think to be successful you have to stop trying to look at yourself through other people eyes. There is lots of ways to be successful and the definition that others might have of it might not match your feeling of having success at all. To me being successful means being motivated and happy to do what you do.

8. If you could learn another language, what would it be and why?

I always love learning new languages and learning more about different cultures. At the moment I’m trying to improve my Spanish – I had some courses in University but you know.. when you don’t use it a lot you tend to forget. So I wanna really get back to that for different reasons. It’s super useful for countries I still wanna visit, lots of my friends around me speak Spanish and I do quite a bit of salsa dancing lately; hence even a lot of music around me is in Spanish. Except for that, I would love to learn languages that are not so well known, but only to for example prepare me for a travel in a new place.

9. What is the most experimental dish you have ever cooked?

Ha, thinking about this question makes me feel like I should cook more experimental, since I can’t think of something very extreme. I mean, I like to mix things when I cook. Sometimes I follow recipes a little bit and change them around, sometimes I don’t follow them at all and I just see what ingredients I have to work with. So I make my own sauces and used pear before in a bolognese pasta (it tasted great, spiced in the right way) or banana on a pizza. But I don’t think any of that counts as experimental really.

10. What has been the most challenging decision you have ever made?

I’m horrible at taking big decisions, so for me that’s already a difficult thing to start with. It get’s even more difficult to choose between different things that you all feel strongly for. For examples when I was moving back to Holland after I lived in South Africa for 1,5 years. That was hard but something I felt like I needed to do. I suppose making the decision a lot of times is harder than making the decision work. Once I make a decision I never regret my decisions really, it’s a path you go in and it’s your life and you can kinda walk whichever way you want to.

11. What is the most important element of your life? 

Love. It sounds cheesy, but the most important element for me is to connect with people. Could be friends, family, boyfriend, people I barely know.. but I enjoy connecting with people in a more personal way and not just do the small talk. Every place you visit is nicer when you have great people around you. I love that about travelling as well, I remember places by the people I was with. Which could even be persons I met for a few days that I had super interesting conversations with.

Tada! Now it’s my turn to nominate 11 blogs:

  • Diana – Eiland meisje (
  • Liselore – Grab Your Bags (
  • Yvonne – The tourist of Life (
  • Laura – Glampacker (
  • Esther – GoliveGotravel (
  • Amsterdamian (
  • Sophie & Jip – Where we go (
  • Wonder of Travel (
  • Rifqah, Imaan & Jihan – Suitcases and lattes (
  • Shweta – Happiness is power (
  • Christian – GO Travel (

My Questions are the following:

  1. If you would go on a world trip and you could bring two animals with you, which animals would you bring and why?
  2. Imagine somebody offers to teach you any kind of dance you want, what dance would it be?
  3.  What is your favorite kinda music to listen to when planning a trip?
  4. What is the most satisfying thing you get out of your blog?
  5. If you would only be able to see 3 colors for the rest of your life, what colors would you choose?
  6. If you could have any other nationality in the world, where would you be from and why?
  7. What’s your favorite drink in summer?
  8. If you would have been a famous writer, who would you prefer to have been?
  9. Imagine you would have a time machine, which time and place would you go to and why?
  10. If you had your own personal cook for one night, what would your menu look like?
  11. What’s the thing that always manages to make you happy, no matter what?

That’s it. Looking forward to reading your answers!



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