EXPLORING: Avoiding crowds at Phi Phi the Beach Resort | pt. 1

Imagine waking up and being the first person to softly put  fresh footsteps on the sand..

When I visited Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, I could not have been happier. This was my first time visiting, so I decided to split my stay. Two nights a bit away from the ‘center’ and two days in the busier area. I was insanely excited to enjoy the beach and swim in the warm water.

My first morning I decided to wake up before sunrise, to really see the views around me without any distractions. So there I was before 6 in the morning, coming out of my little bungalow:


I’m usually not so great at getting out of my bed early… but this was so definitely worth it. I walked down the steps and found the beach and the ocean waiting for me to slowly get a taste of life before the day starts.

phi phi.beach resort.2

No rush, nothing I had to do, just to breathe in and relax. Listening to the sound of the waves with my toes in the sand, I wanted to take this moment to write down anything that came to my mind. At a time where you sometimes forget to take a step back and really think, this was a moment I won’t forget for a while.

phi phi.beach

Unfortunately the photographs can never really show how great it felt to have the warm wind softly caressing my skin or how I could taste the salt water on my lips after my first dive in.

phi phi.beach resort.3

Or how I suddenly felt lots of fish swimming past my feet..meet my friends:


The sun was starting to warm up the sand and the water again and slowly the beams of sunlight started to warm my face and broaden my smile.

sun beach

To get an impressions of how the resort looks, a little later in the day … When I was Walking into the sea and looking back, this is how it looked:

beach resort

For me, these two nights staying here were so special. Not just because they had amazing breakfast ready for me after my morning beach time, but because of the feeling of the place. Waking up like this added so much more to my experience of this place, I felt on top of the world!

I have lots more I want to share with you, which is why this is only part 1 of my story on this place. Next part will include one of the most impressive, spectaculair sunsets I had seen in a while..

See their website here: Phi Phi the Beach Resort.

Lots of Love,


Discovering Secrets


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