SIPPING & CHEWING: Feel your feet shake at Pompstation

A little bit of romance never hurt anyone…. Imagine a pretty place, with soft lighting, warm candles and soothing music in your ears..

If this doesn’t good enough yet to yet, imagine all this while you’re eating amazing food, joined by a lovely glass of good company!


I’m talking about Pompstation in Amsterdam, a restaurant known for it’s relaxing vibe, friendly people and of course the fact that it is still in use a a water pump station. Sometimes, you can even feel it beneath your feet when you’re walking…


They say this restaurant is good for ‘wining and dining’, and I would say I agree. I mean, they have one of my favorite wines of all time… the Methode Ancienne Chardonnay (2011). Next to that, the food was great too. We were there on a Sunday night, with live music in the background and really taking the time for it.

flowers pompstation

Since we were here around 17:00 / 17:30, it was still really early. So we took our time. It’s a great place to sit for a long time and just enjoy. We tried the salmon, steak (as for the steak, lots of different choices!) and a couple of different wines, including delicious dessert wines.

view up

Around four hours later, I decided…. this is definitely a place I will come back to soon! I don’t even care that it’s in East (I live in the West myself), it’s worth it!


Pompstation in Amsterdam is open everyday except Mondays and this is where you can find it:

Zeeburgerdijk 52, 1094 AE, Amsterdam.

Lots of love,


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