SIPPING & CHEWING: Indulge your senses at the biggest Market Hall in Europe

In October 2014 the biggest Market Hall of Europe was opened by Queen Maxima in the portal city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam.

Walking in you find yourself in a jungle of different cuisines, with its’ different flavors and colors. With the high ceilings (40m) you almost feel like you are in a big open-air market, while still being covered by a beautiful ceiling with the art work of Arno Coenen (‘Hoorn des Overvloeds’).


As soon as you are inside, you are left with some difficult choices. Everything around you looks delicious and ready to be tasted. It is so big that my first thought was… ok, I need to walk around and see everything before I can make an informed decision! During my walk around I got distracted by this:


And this…


But even some fresh fruits, veggies and spices were staring at me, waiting to be taken home by me.


On the side, but also upstairs are restaurants where you can eat your food while having an amazing glass of wine, or you can just try out different things while you walk around trying not to get lost.

view meat

Eventually I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to try out the sushi, always a winner!


To read a little more on the story behind the Market Hall, check out the website of MVRDV, the architects. Or go to the official website here: Markthal Rotterdam.

Market Hall outside

By the way, if you really can’t get enough of it, you can even buy an apartment in the Market Hall!

Anyways, if you go visit, enjoy!



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