EXPLORING AMSTERDAM: The Biggest Flea Market in Europe

One weekend per month you get the opportunity to take the boat to the north of Amsterdam, stroll around in the sun and watch cool stuff around you.. which you can even buy!

Ijhallen Outside

You can have a little look at all the colorful things around you and socialize a bit with everyone around. I mean, it’s weekend, so you can do whatever you want!

Ijhallen colors

If you’re on the look out for cool things: you can score nice earrings for 50 cents, new games for your Game Boy Color or Nintendo, an old school camera or if you want.. the third part of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy.

Ijhallen inside

Inside there are more and more stalls with great discoveries. The IJ-hallen in Amsterdam is the biggest flea market in Europe, with as much as 750 stalls. So if you want to see everything, you better go early. It closes towards the end of the afternoon, at 16:30.


To get in, you pay an entrance fee of 5 euros at the door, but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a unique piece if vintage clothing for a good price, the IJ-hallen is the perfect place to get it. In this urban bazaar you will find yourself lost in all the different colors, patterns and era’s..

Ij-hallen clothing

If you feel like having your own stand at the flea market, to experience the market in a different way, this is also possible. You can book a stand up to two markets ahead at midnight of the last market at the website of the IJ-hallen..

IJhallen outside

To get there you take the ferry from Amsterdam Centraal Station (the back of the station) towards the NDSM werf, from there on you can walk straight to the flea market. However, when you’re done visiting the market around 16:30 and you’re already in Amsterdam North, you should visit Pllek, a great place where you can sit in the sun and have a nice drink outside next to the water. If the weather is a little less nice, they have a great inside area as well!



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