My Personal Story

Welcome! So happy to see you visiting!

My name is Cynthia Overeem and I’m a 25 year old girl originally from the Netherlands.

I started this blog because of my love for traveling and exploring. My first big travel (seven months straight, by myself) was when I was about 17 years old: I visited Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Singapore. From then on I was pretty much hooked! I simply loved the way I could feel totally free and I would meet new people everyday. When I started blogging (2014) I was living in Cape Town, South Africa – one of my favorite cities in the world. My first meeting with the beautiful city of Cape Town was almost 3 years ago and I loved it from the start! I did all the touristy stuff, partied a lot & got as much sunshine as I could! After these first 8 months, I made sure the next year I came back again for a second time – and guess what, a few months after that I came back again for the third time. I liked to think of myself as being a local – Cape Town started to feel like my second home. I saw and did different things than when I first arrived. I was mostly hanging out with people from there and got to know their lifestyle. I loved discovering a new way of living in Cape Town – not just as a tourist anymore.

At the moment I am living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since I am from Holland, you would expect me to know quite a lot already about this city, but unfortunately this is not the case. I have been here, of course, but I was living somewhere else.  Which is nice, because now even in my ‘own’ country I feel like I can go on so many new adventures and really take time to look around and see what is here. Exploring is of course more fun with more people, so whenever my family, friends, people on the street, people I meet at a party or any other place suggests me a place, I write it down. I make it my goal to visit and really experience a place for what it is. The atmosphere, the people, the food, the wine, the views… everything. Because before you know it and without thinking about anything, you end up always going to the same places, whether you really like the place or not.

So this is a blog about really discovering (or wanting to discover) the place you live in, or even visit for a little while. While I’m getting to know my city better – I’ll show you more too!  Hope it will bring us to the most amazing places and the prettiest secrets. Can’t wait! If you have anything you like to share with me, or something you would like to ask or talk about you can always contact me. I’d be happy to get to know you better!





3 responses to “My Personal Story

  1. Hy Cynthia,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just discovered your blog today and was so impressed by it! It’s interesting because you moved away from your family and left the country and I’ve moved away from my family but only about 6 hours or so. I’ve moved to a city I had never been to before and found it all quite shocking and hard to deal with.

    So, to read your experiences and the things you are doing to embrace where you are, are very inspirational. I am making it a goal of mine to get out and discover my new place and it’s so neat to read about somebody else doing the same.


  2. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for your nice response! I’m very happy you enjoy reading my blog. Moving to another place is always a challenge – it will only be as much fun as you make it yourself. Sounds like you made it your goal to enjoy the place you moved to as much as possible and that’s great to hear! Hope everything will be awesome 🙂


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