Tasting the sunshine at Bacchus Winefestival Amsterdam

Wine tasting, sunshine & good company: perfect ingredients for a great day!

After I became an expert in wine drinking in South Africa, I decided to keep up the good work in the Netherlands. Last weekend in Amsterdam there was a wine festival in ‘het Amsterdamse Bos’: Bacchus Wijnfestival. I was super excited! Relax and really feel like its weekend. Dream back to the weekends of going to wine farms when I was in Cape Town.

So, there I was. I cycled for half an hour to get there, so I was perfectly ready to replete my body with energy in the form of wine & amazing food.

Bacchus wine

Blue sky and sunshine, I almost think it’s the start of summer again! Please? I can’t get enough of days like this!

First we got ourselves a glass, then we walked to one of the wine bars and then.. there was our first glass of wine! A red one to start with, followed by a delicious Sauvignon Blanc.

wine tasting

Very interesting were also the great wines from the Hermitage. The guys behind the wine bar were very nice and could help me choose a really nice wine. I had a red wine from Macedonie, a country I hadn’t actually tried wine from before!


If you didn’t just want to drink wine, there were enough lovely places to eat. For example this one from Etikette, where you could have a great dinner & dessert in a romantic vibe with the sunshine coming in.

Dinner Table

And how cute is this? Candyfloss and little Dutch pancakes! Yum!


All together, I had a great time at Bacchus Winefestival and I think it’s a great initiative. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and of course we were lucky that the weather was great. Even at night it was still very nice to be outside and stay around a bit to listen to the music and have nice conversations, while enjoying a last glass of wine before bedtime.


Wanna check out what wineries & restaurants were involved? Check their website: Bacchus Wijnfestival. You’ll find all the info your looking for. Because it’s not just a three day event happening in Amsterdam, it’s a place where all the great wine and food comes together! For more pictures of the festival, also check out Discovering Secrets’ Facebook page. I’m looking forward to a next edition!



Discovering Secrets


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