Flipping Burgers at Geflipt Amsterdam

I am a big fan of food. All kinds of food. I love cooking, but going out for dinner and finding nice places in my neighbourhood has always been one of my favorite things.

So! I heard about this new Burger place in de van Woustraat: Geflipt. Ofcourse I had to go check it out with one my best friends! I was really looking forward to some nice food, chilled atmosphere and good conversations.

And that is exactly how I experienced it. From the outside, it was already inviting me in. Now….. the days are getting colder…it’s getting dark earlier… you need a nice place to be inside! Yes, I know, it’s only September, it’s pretty much still summer, but still!

Anyway, I’m moving away from my story already. Let’s show you the place from the outside:

Geflipt amsterdam

geflipt amsterdam

There it is! Time to get away from the cold and move ourselves inside! And now is the big question – what shall we order? I can usually take superlong, just to think about what to order. This time, I was pretty quick with my decision. I took a chickenburger, mainly because of the guacamole πŸ™‚ And then Eva had a Beef Burger – with hot salsa and jalapenos, yum!!

Burger Geflipt


And then with a burger you ofcourse have to have….

brand bier

A nice beer πŸ™‚

As for the burgers? They were great! They tasted super amazing, I would compare them a bit to this place in Cape Town I really love: Royale. It’s a really relaxed vibe and you can just sit down, have great food and chat with the nice staff. So this is what the place looks like inside:



As you can see, they are really open for a little about their story. Which is supernice. Ofcourse I wanted to ask. It’s a great story! You wanna hear? Go ask! They are more than happy to tell you. What I can tell you already is that it’s a great place. The burgers are of really good quality and you can definitely taste that. I would definitely come back some time!

So, curious about the place I’m talking about? Visit it here:

van Woustraat 15 – 1074 AA Amsterdam. You can check out their Facebook page here.



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